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Useful Resources and Links

The Recovery Village

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Resources for First and Last Responders

Crime Scene Tape

Every day, first and last responders are exposed to the dangerous and traumatic events that could lead to the development of mental health and substance abuse disorders.

The Recovery Village is here to help. 
Convenient and confidential. 

Triad Forensics

Provides a variety of forensic solutions from training to consulting. 

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Our Mission is to provide our clients with unbiased, independent and data driven analysis and conclusions that can help them to make well informed decisions in their cases.  
We work for the evidence

Triad Forensics offers a variety of training solutions for your organization.  Triad Forensics uses multiple instructors to teach a variety of courses using a lecture/hands-on based approach.

  • Classes can be tailored to needs of client

  • Class sizes small for more 1/1 instruction

  • We bring classes to you

  • New classes being developed  continually  


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